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Dhanu Rashi September 2017 Predictions – Sagittarius Zodiac in September 2017

Dhanu Rashi, or Sagittarius Zodiac, born people will have a busy month with not much gain for all pains in September 2017. Good and auspicious dates in September 2017 for Dhanu Rashi are September 1, 2, 5, 6, and September 7. The predictions are based on moon sign. There will be renewed interest in an old project. If you are doing freelancing or are self-employed then this is a good period for all types of experiments.
  • There will be a lot of hard work and unexpected workload and pressure.
  • You will not be happy with remuneration after all the hard work that you put in.
  • If you are looking for a new job then this is a good month.
  • Lack of progress in financial situation will keep you worried.
  • You will see gains from an earlier investment.
  • Additional income in the family will come as a relief.
  • Business people will see progress with new beginnings or partnerships.
  • There will be damage to house, vehicle, or property.
  • Some of you will get awards for your talent.
  • Progress for self employed.
  • There will be happiness in the family. Get together.
  • Marriage as per desire will be decided for some.
  • It is good month for those looking for remarriage.
  • Travels will be hectic but successful.
  • Trouble in romance related matters.
  • Students will have a good month.
  • Health will be fine.