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Karka Rashi June 2020 – Cancer Zodiac June 2020 Horoscope Predictions

Karka Rashi, or Cancer Horoscope, born people can expect fame in June 2020. There will be gains made from real estate deals. Good and auspicious dates in June 2020 for Karka Rashi, or Cancer Zodiac, are June 1, 4, 5, 23, 24, 27 and June 28. The predictions are based on moon sign.

Career – There will be gains in career in this month. Good month for those looking for a new job. Ideal month to change jobs. Some of you working in foreign location will return home and engage in new job. Disappointment for those looking for government jobs. You will perform well in job related exams and interviews.

Finance – Gains will be made from previous investments in property. Loans will be approved. Lost financial related documents or money will be retrieved. You can expect some financial disputes with family members. Sudden end to extra income in the family.

Business – Good month to start new business. Avoid discussing business matters with strangers. People might attempt to cheat you. Luck is not in your favor so avoid taking risks. Business related travels will be successful. You will get good advisors with real knowledge about your business.

Personal Life – Those in a relationship will think about getting married. You can expect some trouble from friends. You might be forced to rethink about a current relationship. Not a good month to start new romantic relationships. Parents and relatives will be helpful. You will participate in auspicious occasions.

Married couples will have an encouraging period. You will get opportunity to settle many issues and also overcome prejudices.

Marriage plans will be delayed.

Students will face some tough situations.

Travel plans will be successful. There will be gains from travels.

Health will be fine.