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Balasundari Devi Temple At Trilokpur In Sirmaur – Himachal Pradesh

Balasundari Devi temple at Trilokpur is around 54 kms from Ambala and 24 kms from Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. Trilokpur is the land of three Goddesses. Three kilometers up a jungle road from the temple of Bala Sundari Devi takes one to the temple of Lalita Devi, an aspect of Goddess Saraswati. About 13 km from Balasundari temple is the temple of Tri Bhavani Devi, an aspect of Goddess Kali.

The sanctum sanctorum of Balasundari Temple enshrines the Pindi or the self manifest murti of the Devi with a silver chhattra over it. A small murti of Sherawali Mata, the Devi astride her lion, stands behind the pindi.

Originally low and narrow in order to ensure that devotees entered the divine presence with bowed heads, the door to the temple in now broader and higher.

Eighty four bells chime in unison at the entrance to the sanctum, giving it the local name of Chaurasi Ghanton Wali Mata (the Goddess with 84 bells). Priests claim that Balsundari Devi is none other than Vaishno Devi in her aspect as a playful child (Balarupa).

Two Lankra Birs, and a fierce image of Goddess Kali adorn the large niches on the outer walls of the main shrine. Three new marble shrines have been constructed for Ganesha, Sherawali Mata and Hanuman at the corner of the temple courtyard.

A langar hall, dormitory and a few air-conditioned rooms have been recently added to the temple complex for the convenience of devotees.