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Chir Ghat In Vrindavan – Krishna Stole Clothes Of Gopis Here

Chir Ghat in Vrindavan is the famous spot where Krishna stole the clothes of Gopis. Cheer ghat was earlier on the banks of Yamuna River. But over the years, Yamuna River has changed its course and now Chir Ghat stands at some distance from the river.  There is an ancient Kadamba tree at this place which is from the time when Bhagavan Sri Krishna was on earth. Chir means clothes and ghat is series of steps leading down to a water body.

At Chir Ghat, gopis performed the Katyayani Vrata in the Margashirsh month. In the vrat, the gopis would worship Mother Katyayani and pray to her in order to get the beautiful Sri Krishna as their husband. Every day of the month the Gopis would come to this Ghat to take their baths and worship Mother Katyayani.

A black murti of Krishna is kept near the Kadamba tree on which Krishna hid the clothes of the gopis. Dupattas are hung on the tree by women for wish fulfillment. A small Yamuna temple is located nearby.