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Gauri Shankar Temple At Dashal Near Manali – Himachal Pradesh

Gauri Shankar Temple at Dashal is located around 10 kms from Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Located on the left bank of Beas River, this shikhara temple is known for its beautiful floral carvings as well as its amorous motifs.

The temple enshrines a Shivling and two pillars in the mandapa are carved with image of Shiva holding a trident.

Within the Dashal Gauri Shankar temple, there are sculpted representations of Vishnu both alone and with Goddess Lakshmi, and of Kartikeya. 

There is also a somewhat later sculpture of Mahishasuramardini, tentatively dated to the 18th century CE. Outside the temple, Nandi stands on a stone pedestal.