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Jagannath Temple At Nahan In Sirmaur - Himachal Pradesh

Jagannath Temple at Nahan stands in the middle of the Burra Chowk in Nahan, 62 kms from Ambala, in Sirmaur – Himachal Pradesh. The sanctum sanctorum has murtis of Jagannath, flanked by Balaram and Subhadra. The temple is based on the worship at famous Puri Jagannath temple, Odisha.

At the bottom of a gallery of deities in marble and black stone are kept a row of shaligrams, shiny black stones, which are naturally formed and are emblematic of Vishnu.

Many of the Shaligrams worshipped in the shrine are canopied with the many hoods of Adishesha or Sheshnag, the divine serpent of Vishnu.