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Janog Temple – Gajaeri Mahasu Temple In Himachal Pradesh

Gajaeri Mahasu Temple is located around 37 kms from Shimla at Janog in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is located on the state highway branching away from the National Highway at Theog. The shrine is dedicated to Gajaeri Mahasu. Two ancient wooden temples stand facing each other in the serene surroundings of Janog village.

The bigger temple is colored in a combination of green and yellow and is dedicated to Gajaeri Mahasu Devta. Four Mahasu brothers, Botha, Dalda, Pawasi and Wasi attend to the main deity. All the mohras are reputedly very ancient and made of ashtadhatu.

The smaller temple is painted blue and dedicated to Kauli Devta, the wazir of the main deity housed in the adjacent temple. Fringes of wooden bobbins hang from the borders of the sloping roof of this temple.

The temple is noted for its wooden figurines especially the Yaksha.