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Kamakhya Temple At Kamru In Himachal Pradesh

Kamakhya Temple is located at Kamru around 2 kms from Sangla and 20 kms from Karcham in Himachal Pradesh. The Kamakhya Mandir is situated inside the five-storeyed fort in Kamru.

History Of Kamakhya Temple At Kamru

The temple was built by a grateful Bushahr king after he had successfully withstood a siege by warring Tibetan forces.

According to legend, the Tibetans found allies in a treacherous tailor from Kamru and disenchanted Thakur of Chini. The army of Chini Thakur joined the Tibetans, and the tailor informed the invading army of a beam in the fort which, if broken, would ensure the collapse of the entire building. And yet, despite the severity of their assault, the Tibetans could not destroy the beam and as winter approached they retreated.

The fort at Kamru is impressive, located high on a hill just outside the village, and constructed of stone and wood.

The Kamakhya temple is located on the second floor. Even after the Bushahr capital was shifted to Sarahan and Rampur, the coronation ceremony continued to be performed in Kamru.

The fort also has an enclosure with a deep well, in which, it is believed dangerous criminals would be left to rot.

At the center of the village, there is a small, single-storey temple of Badrinath.