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Kharapathar – Kali Temple – In Himachal Pradesh

Kharapathar – Kali Temple is located around 24 km from Kothai and 38 km from Rohru. The picturesque village gained its name from a rock that loomed over its horizon for centuries. Villagers in the nearby area worshipped the rock as emblematic of Goddess Kali.

Unfortunately, the rock burst into pieces in 1998, when firemen tried to put the fire in the surrounding market and to cool the stone immediately thereafter with water.

The rock now stands a mere 76 cm high; though it is reputed to extend almost 2 meter below the ground.

It is said that at its full height the stone had sword marks near the tip. These marks are attributed to the marauding Gurkhas whose advance northwards was checked by the prowess of the Goddess.

A new temple is being built around the divine rock.