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Kumaranchira Bhagavathy Temple Festival – Kumaranchira Devi Temple Utsavam

Kumaranchira Bhagavathy temple is located at Karalam village on the Irinjalakuda – Karalam road in Thrissur district, Kerala. Kumaranchira Bhagavathy temple festival 2021 date is February 13 to February 19 and is known as Kumaranchira Kumbha Bharani. The festival ends on the day after Kumbha Bharani with Karthika Vela. The seven day festival usually begins on the Chathayam Nakshatra.

The festival is noted for ezhunnallathu of caparisoned elephants, traditional temple music and traditional temple arts.

The Devi temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. The murti is made out of wood and is nearly 6 feet tall. The murti which faces east is considered to be Swatika Bhadrakali. There are no Upa Devatas in the temple.

As the Goddess in the temple is of Swatika sankalpam, there is no kuruti or raktha pushpanjali in the temple.

Every second year Chanthattam is performed in the temple.

People used to sit in bhajana in the shrine earlier for curing mental disorders.

Korappare Manthravadi is seated in the temple compound. The temple is located inside a four acre compound.

It is believed that the same jackfruit tree wood was used to make the murtis worshipped in Kodungallur temple, Kumaranchira Devi temple and Palapetty temple. The end portion of the wood was used to carve the murti of Goddess worshipped in Kodungallur, the middle portion was used in making the murti of Kumaranchira and the head portion was used for making the murti worshipped in Palapetty. All the three shrines are located at equidistance. It is believed that having darshan of the three deities on the same day is highly meritorious.

Kumaranchira Bhagavathy Temple History

The temple belonged to Changaram Kandathu Panickar and Chittoor Mana. It is believed that Goddess in the temple arrived atop a traditional umbrella of Changaram Kandathu Panickar from spot in which Goddess Korati Muthi had resided. Panickar later gave up the ownership of the temple.