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Kummanam Elamkavu Devi Temple Festival

Kummanam Elamkavu Devi temple is located at Aymanam Village in Kottayam district. The temple is around one kilometer west of Varissery on Kottayam – Kudayampady road. Kummanam Elamkavu Devi temple festival 2021 date is March 10 to March 18. The annual 8-day festival ends with Arattu on the Meena Bharani day.

The annual festival is noted for ezhunnallathu of Goddess Bhagavathi, traditional Kerala temple arts, music and dance.

The main murti worshipped in the temple is Goddess Devi or Bhagavathy.

Goddess Devi worshipped in the temple is of peaceful form. The sankalpam is that of Bhagavathy who has killed Darika and her anger has subsided. The Goddess faces west.

There are no Upa Devatas in the temple.

Kummanam Elamkavu Devi Temple History

The belief is that moved by the intense devotion of Kadapana Valiyamma, the Goddess arrived here from Parapadam.

The temple was managed by Karivelil Illam during the ancient times.

The temple is now managed by NSS Karayogam.