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Mahasu Devta Temple At Jubbal In Himachal Pradesh

Mahasu Devta temple is located near the palace of the Jubbal Ranas in Jubbal in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is around 100 km from Shimla. The temple complex is made out of wood and stone. There are four shrines in the complex. The biggest is dedicated to Mahasu Devta. Behind the bigger temple are two small bhandars.

The Mahasu Devta temple is double-storeyed and has a gable roof with a stone amalaka topped by a golden one. A wooden staircase leads to a trap door in the upper storey, barred to everyone other than appointed priests.

Next to the main temple are three smaller shrines standing in a row, the largest among them is dedicated to Chawni Vir. It is a double-storeyed structure with a stone staircase at the back. Horns of sheep hang in the balcony, remnants of sacrifices made to propitiate the deity.

The shrine next to it is smaller, and the knocker on its door has many red strips of cloth tied to it, while the lintel has a horn of sheep nailed to it.

The smallest shrine is the only one that is kept open throughout the day. It has two wooden murtis kept on a slightly raised platform. Both the murtis are wrapped in red bright red cloth and the one at the center carries a trident emblematic of Mahasu Devta.

Various offerings and adornments are nailed to the walls of the smaller shrines.