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Maheshwar Temple At Sungra In Himachal Pradesh

Maheshwar Temple is located at Sungra, around 10 kms from Bhabanagar and 62 kms from Rampur, in Himachal Pradesh. The shrine is dedicated to Mahadev Shiva. The temple is a strikingly attractive three-storeyed pagoda like structure in wood.

The main wooden temple of Maheshwar shrine has a tiny shikhara- like shrine facing it, on a square, stone platform. It has been dated to the 8th century AD.

The temple, newly renovated, has some fabulous carvings, including those of deities from the Hindu pantheon, a series of avatars of Vishnu and also astrological signs from Hindu astrology.

Remnants of ancient wood carvings and stone carvings are found in the temple compound.

On the side of the road leading to the temple is an enormous rock. It is believed that Maheshwar and Bhima of Mahabharata had an altercation, causing Bhima to launch this rock missile at the deity from across the Sutlej River. However, the boulder ricocheted off Maheshwar and landed safely at its present place.