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Mathi Devi Temple At Chitkul In Himachal Pradesh

Mathi Devi Temple is located at Chitkul, which is around 45 kms from Karcham and 26 kms from Sangla, in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. At an altitude of over 3,500 meters, Chitkul is the highest village in the Baspa Valley and has three temples dedicated to Mathi Devi. The oldest of the temples is about 500 years old.

According to local story, Mathi Devi undertook a long and arduous journey before settling in this village travelling from Vrindavan to Tibet and beyond. She visited several villages presided over by members of her family.

Bhagavan Badrinarain of Kamru is her husband and he also has a shrine in Batseri Village. Nag of Sangla and Shamshares of Rakhcham are her nephews.

When Goddess Mathi Devi finally settled in Chitkul, the village found a great prosperity and she continues to be worshipped with great fanfare.

Palanquin of Mathi Devi is made of walnut wood and decorated with tuft of the tail of Yak. Every morning, she is ritually bathed by priests, who light incense in her honor while temple musicians sing songs in her praise.