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Murlidhar Temple At Thawa – Naggar – Himachal Pradesh

Murlidhar Temple At Naggar in Himachal Pradesh is around 20 kms from Kullu town and around 25 kms from Manali. The temple is located at Thawa high on a ridge above the town. This shikhara temple has a mandapa standing on wooden pillars.

The sanctum sanctorum of Murlidhar temple has a very attractive bronze murti of Murlidhar – Krishna playing the flute.

There is another murti of Goddess Lakshmi sitting on the thighs of Bhagavan Vishnu, while Bhagavan himself sits on the four-armed Garuda, the divine vehicle or vahana.

There is a murti of Buddhist master Padmasambhava.

Panels and brackets inside the temple are carved with flowers and some erotic images.