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Nagesh Temple At Sapni Village In Baspa Valley – Himachal Pradesh

There are four temples dedicated to Nagesh at Sapani village in Baspa valley, Himachal Pradesh. Between them, the temples have 34 mohras of the deity, which are usually kept safe in storage and only taken out to worship.

Interestingly, Nagesh himself pays obeisance to Kali and Kailash. The moharas are taken out during such occasions too.

The moharas are made variously of gold, silver and ashtadhatu.

The drive from Sarahan to Nichar is extremely charming. The steep road winds its way through deodar forests. The trees themselves seem divine early travelers noted that some measured as much as 12 m in girth. Nichar itself with its shaded walks provides once in a lifetime experience.