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Narsingh Temple And Padam Palace At Rampur Bushahr In Himachal Pradesh

Narsingh Temple and Padam Palace is located at Rampur Bushahr, around 134 kms from Shimla, in Himachal Pradesh. The place was once the capital of Bushahr kingdom. Rampur Narsingh temple is a fascinating blend of shikhara and wooden architecture. A stone shikhara shrine rises halfway above a traditional, sloping slate roof, supported by wooden pillars. The wooden ceiling is elaborately carved as are the stone walls of the shrine.

Padam Palace At Rampur

Rampur is today famous for Padam Palace. It is magnificent and massive building with extensive lawns. The palace was built in 1925 and is fashioned in an amalgamation of colonial and indigenous styles.

Both wood and stone are used in its construction and the roof is made of tin and crowned with spirals. The ground floor is primarily stone, with impressive arches, while the first floor has wood carvings even on the ceilings, and portraits of rulers hung along its walls. An intriguing profusely decorated pagoda is situated on the sprawling green lawns.