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Parahat Temples Near Hatkoti In Himachal Pradesh

To the northeast of the Hatkoti group of temples in Himachal Pradesh, at the confluence of Bishkulti and Pabbar rivers, is Parahat. The temples here are dedicated to Shiva. The place is just one kilometer from Hatkoti.

Parahat History

The region was once known as Viratnagar, the kingdom of the King Virata in the Mahabharata. It is believed that the Pandavas took refuge during their exile in disguise here.

There are three Shiva temples at Parahat, dated to the reign of Nagabhatta II (803-33 AD).

Parahat Shiva Temples Architecture - Sculptures 

The temple on the left bank of the Bishkulti River is beautifully carved and has a Shivling in its sanctum sanctorum. The door facing the river and all the outer walls have intricate carvings on them, including one of Nataraja above the door. The other carvings here are that of Ganesha on the right wall, Durga on the left and Vaishnavi on the wall at the back.

The other two temples are barely 200 m away from the main temple are attributed to the Pandavas. Adorned with beautiful sculptures, these temples stand by a hillock named Sonepur.

Locals believe that Bhima brought the hillock here because the Pandavas needed some herbs from it for medicinal purposes.