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Raghunath Temple At Manikaran In Himachal Pradesh

Raghunath temple at Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh is located around 45 kms from Kullu town and around 3 kms from Kasol. The Manikaran Raghunath Mandir was the original home of the murti of Bhagavan Rama that Raja Jagat Singh had brought from Ayodhya. Since the mid 17th century, however, the murti is in the Raghunath temple in Kullu town. Even today the Manikaran Raghunath temple remains functional and popular, maintained by a trust and offering a free langar to visitors.

The other attractions of Manikaran are its setting, in the beautiful Parvati valley and its hot sulphur springs, said to cure a variety of diseases and still used by pilgrims to cook rice.

Pilgrims eat food after boiling rice and dal in the hot springs and consider it sacred.