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Rudra Mahadeva Temple At Pujarli Near Rohru in Himachal Pradesh

Rudra Mahadeva temple is located at Pujarli around 14 km from Rohru in Himachal Pradesh. Visible from a great distance on the winding roads of the region, this ancient multi-storeyed Hindu temple is dedicated to the Ekadash Rudras of Shiva.

Rudra Mahadeva Temple Story

As per the resident Gurs of the region, Rudra brothers (aspects of Shiva) while on their way from Kashmir, rescued the land from ferocious demons and decided to settle down here.

The Gurs narrate these events in great detail during festivals when they are under the influence of the deities.

The murtis of gods worshipped in Pujarli Rudra Mahadev Temple can only be seen during festivals, especially when they travel to surrounding villages usually during August – September.

Rudra Mahadeva Temple Architecture

As one enters the marble courtyard of the temple, there is a small, open shrine to the right, with a slate roof with wooden bobbins hanging from it. Extensively renovated in 1989, it has elaborate wood carvings. The wooden pillars, painted red, have beautiful peacocks carved on their capitals.

Curiously, a rather modern calendar picture of Ganesha has been placed at the centre of the shrine, flanked by two new murtis of Shiva to the right and two ancient black murtis to the left. On the surrounding woodwork there are images of Mahishasura Mardini Durga, celestial horses and men in celebratory postures. A small wooden palanquin is also kept in this shrine.

The wooden door of the main shrine has brass repousse strips nailed to it, with a knocker that looks like a lion’s mouth. A number of old coins are nailed to the door while bells hang beside the door, tied with red cloth. Along the outer wall of the shrine is another miniature temple.

Outside the temple, to the right, is a small bhandar built of wood and caked mud, painted white. Musical instruments like karnal, dhol, nagara, narsingha and the dried skin of sheep to be mounted on drums are stored in the bhandar.