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Shikra Devta Temple At Rohru In Himachal Pradesh

Shikra Devta temple is located at a short distance from Rohru town square in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is made out of marble. The roof of the shrine is made of slate and wood. The roof fringes have wooden bobbins. Rohru is around 115 kms from Shimla.

Inside the sanctum sanctorum, Shikra Devata is attended by his wazir, Botha Mahasu.

An ancient temple dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Rama can be seen from this shrine. The Rama temple is perched atop a nearby hill.

Many houses in the vicinity have a curious mixture of leaves tied together hanging from their roofs. Tied and hung during Holi, these leaves are left to dry till the next Holi, when they are ceremoniously burnt – a ritual that is said to ward off evil.