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Tara Devi Temple Near Shogi In Himachal Pradesh

Tara Devi temple is located around 8 kms from Shogi and around 21 kms from Shimla. The shrine is atop a hill on National Highway 22. The hill is known as Tarav Parvat. Goddess Tara Devi is the patron deity of Keonthal kings.

Pristine white, bordered with blue, the temple was established about 250 years ago.

Raja Bhupendra Sen built the temple and installed a wooden murti of Tara Devi. This was later replaced by an ashtadhatu murti, which survives to this day.

On either side of Tara Devi are armed ashtabhuja (eight-armed) black stone murtis of Lakshmi to the right and Saraswati to the left. A black stone Dwarapala is placed at the back of the temple in a glass case. A murti of Lankra Bhairava stands in yet another glass case in front of the shrine facing the Goddess Tara.

The annual fair of Shardiya Navratri is held in October – November with great fanfare in the temple complex. A large langar hall attached to the temple serves consecrated food on Tuesdays and Sundays throughout the year.

A picturesque walk downhill from the Tara Devi temple goes to a Shiva temple built at the initiative of Shree Shree 108 Nirvana Baba Sohan Das Ji Maharaj. Barely half a century old, the temple has a charisma of its own, hidden away among lust trees.