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Uthramkulangara Vishnu Temple At Velappaya – Thrissur

Uthramkulangara Vishnu temple is located near Thrissur Medical College at Velappaya in Thrissur district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Bhagavan Vishnu and the deity faces east. The main festival in the temple is observed during Ekadashi in Kumbham month.

The sreekovil of the temple is circular – vatta sreekovil.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Bhagavathy, Ganapathy and Ayyappan.

The Ganapathy in the temple complex faces south.

A ritual known as appam moodal is held in the temple.

Uthramkulangara Vishnu Temple Pond Story

It was believed that if a person wrote a note and kept it on the step of the pond, then the person would get vessels, money, and gold. After use, the things need to be returned back to the pond. But once a person did not return the things he had got from the pond and from that day onwards the pond stopped fulfilling the needs of people.