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Ananthayoor Sree Maha Vishnu Temple In Malappuram

Ananthayoor Sree Maha Vishnu temple is located at Vazhakkad village in Malappuram district, Kerala. The main deities worshipped in the temple are Bhagavan Vishnu, Shiva and Subramanya. Vishnu worshipped in the temple is of swayambhu sankalpam.

Vishnu and Shiva faces east and Subrahmanya face west in the temple. The shrine of Subrahmanya is circular – vatta sreekovil.

The Upa Devatas of Vishnu are Ganapathy, Dakshinamurti and Karumakan.

The Upa Devatas of Shiva are Moovanthikkali and Ganapathi.

The Upa Devatas of Subrahmanya are Ayyappan and Ganapathi.

It is believed that the Moovanthikkali worshipped in the temple was the paradevatha of Poozhayi Naduvazhi.

Muttarukkal ritual is performed for Moovanthi Kali in the temple.

The temple originally belonged to 74 Illams and later it came under the control of Moosathumar. The temple is now maintained by a committee formed by the villagers.

Oracle or velichappadu is present during various rituals in the temple.