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Brahmani Devi Temple – Bharmour – Himachal Pradesh

Brahmani Devi temple is located at Bharmour, around 4 kms from Chaurasi complex, in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Brahmani Devi, who is the local deity.

The murti of Brahmani devi is carved out of the stone.

All pilgrims going to Manimahesh are required to take a holy bathe in the sacred pond outside the temple as an indication of Shiva’s regard for the Devi. Manimahesh is dedicated to Shiva.

The temple offers stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

Brahmani holy kund or pod is about 4.5 meter below the cave of Brahmani. Goddess Brahmani had stolen this holy water from Sandhola Naag which is another side of the ridge. Seven water streams are coming from the bottom of the cave.