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Gauri Shankar Temple At Sujanpur Tira In Himachal Pradesh

Gauri Shankar temple at Sujanpur Tira is around 22 kms from Hamirpur town and 41 kms from Jwalamukhi in Himachal Pradesh. The Gauri Shankar temple lies within the fortified Tira that is also famous for its several palaces and temples such as Chamunda Devi. The Baradari Hall with its 12 chambers for 12 vassal princes is most interesting.

Gauri Shankar has life-size murtis of Shiva and Goddess Parvati said to be modeled on Raja Sansar Chand II and on the image of his favorite queen.

The 12 paintings behind the murtis of Shiva and Parvati are said to be creations of king himself.