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Yogamaya Temple In Mathura – Second Janmabhoomi - Birth Place Of Krishna In Mathura

Yogamaya temple in Mathura is located around 500 meters north of Potara Kund and some people believe this is the original spot where Sri Krishna was born. This is thus the second Janmabhoomi of Krishna in Mathura. The temple is not on the main road but in one of the quiet, dusty by lanes. The temple is an inconspicuous looking building. The temple is known as Yogamaya temple since Vasudev had brought Yogamaya here from Gokul.

The temple has a small courtyard with the main altar on the left. It has the murtis of Vasudevi, Devaki and black four-armed murti of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. As one walks further ahead one comes to the Yogamaya temple which has a white murti of Goddess Yogamaya.