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Kigga Rishyashringa Temple – Story – History – Puja For Rain

 Kigga Rishyashringa temple is located at Kigga near Sringeri in Karnataka. The temple is dedicated to Rishyashringa Rishi and Mahadev Shiva. A 4 feet tall Shivling is worshipped in the temple. Devotees offer prayers and puja in the temple to overcome drought and for rains.

Kigga Rishyashringa Temple – Story

It is believed that Rishyasringa Rishi spent his last days in the region performing intense penance. The Rishi is believed to have consecrated the Shivling.

It is said that Rishyashringa Rishi got transformed into a divine light due to the intense penance.

Rishyasringa Rishi had performed the Putra Kameshti yagna for King Dasaratha in the Ramayana and that led to the birth of Bhagavan Sri Rama and his brothers.

The hills surrounding Sringeri are known as Rishyasringa Parvata. As per Hindu scriptures, the sage possessed the mystical powers of summoning the rain god Varuna. It is said that if he entered a region facing drought it would rain.

Special pujas are performed at the Rishyashrungeshwara Temple during droughts.

The Nandi worshipped in the temple is believed to be wish fulfilling deity. Special prayers are offered to the deity for desire fulfillment by devotees.

Chatarbuj Ganesh is a swayambhu Ganpati worshipped in the temple.